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The ability to attract and secure the individuals that will move your business forward has always been at the forefront of any successful financial institution.

This could be in the shape of succession planning or the need to turnaround a situation that is critical to success of your business line.

As the industry recognises that the outdated business model of the traditional executive search organisation no longer fits in with their needs, we at Charles Levick have proactively developed an offering that uses many of the tried and tested approaches of traditional search & selection, without the need for overtly costly retainers or pre-contracts.

We provide market insight and commentary and work to be a true recruitment partner in order to provide the correct solution from a business and culture perspective.

Our Executive Hires & Interim Management function offers advisory, delivery and consulting in order to assist in securing Directors, Managing Directors and C-Level hires which will have touch points into Operations, Strategy & Transformation, IT and Risk.  This reflects the change of dimension that financial services has taken over the past few years, where the borders of responsibilities are not as rigid as previous and senior functions are more multifaceted than ever before.  We have a tried and tested relationship driven network from which we select senior level talent.

The ability to deliver the right solution to our clients with confidence, clarity and discretion is where we pride ourselves.


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